Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dr Appointment

So the insurance officially kicked in yesterday. Which is really good since apparently urgent care doctors can't count (apologies to any urgent care doctors who can count). The doctor at urgent care decided to only give me enough medicine to get Ian to the 1st of April. He ran out several days ago! Hence I've been off my anti-depressants so that he gets at least that, and I've halved his other meds just to get him through. Of course, the issue is that that's not really effective. So we've been back to dealing with the behavior issues. As of this morning, though, we are 100% out of everything!!! Fingers crossed that this doctor comes through for us. I don't know what we're going to do if he/she/it doesn't.

As for me, I'm struggling a bit. I just feel like we're not making any progress, and I've had to give up just about every dream I've had. Start a cafe- yeah, that's not going to happen. Start teaching belly dance- I've had several doors slammed in my face regarding that now. Buy a house- no one will give us credit to get a loan, not that we could afford a mortgage or a deposit right now.

It's really hard to keep going forward when hope keeps getting stripped off you.

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