Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bodies suck

My muscle control continues to go downhill. I had a bit of a scare yesterday when performing at the expo (belly dance). We were all walking over to have pictures taken, and my right leg refused to move. Thank goodness it didn't happen during the performance!! And I don't think anyone noticed. Of course, that's not really a surprise since people don't really notice me anyway.

This afternoon, I've been dealing with it a lot, and getting really frustrated. I did the bad thing- googled my symptoms. Yes, I know it's evil to do, and blah blah blah, but I just wanted some idea of what I may be in for.

I started with "loss of muscle control." The only results were things that show up in infancy or leukemia. I had a blood test not too long ago, and I know they didn't test the white cell count, but surely it would show up if it was weird, right?

So, I went back to google and added my other symptoms: loss of muscle control, pins and needles, fatigue, weight gain. The result of that search was much more interesting: hypothyroidism. Huh.

See, I was thinking possibly I was getting MS or something. But it could just be my stupid thyroid. More and more I wish the stupid cancer had taken me out way back then. I often think I was supposed to die then, and cheating fate is why I'm being punished so harshly now. Makes a lot of sense.

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