Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Black thumb be gone!

You've heard of having a green thumb. I've always had a black thumb. Ever since I was a kid, I've wanted to grow plants because I love them, but I have a tendency to kill them. I've even killed a cactus once. Don't ask.

But, for some unknown reason, something seems to have clicked.

Look at them in all their glory!! Witness the miracle that is plant life in MY CARE!

Ok, I admit, it's possibly a sign of insanity to get this excited over plants, but fuck it. I HAVE PLANTS, PEOPLE!

It almost makes up for the possibility of not being able to drink scotch anymore. That's a-whole-nother story, though.

Now, for anyone looking at those labels and wondering if I'm now talking/typing in tongues, the answer is... well, yes, but not where this is concerned. Pohutukawa, Kowhai, and Manuka are all New Zealand native trees. I did a bit of research, found they are allowed here in the States, tried to find some to buy here, couldn't, so ordered seeds from New Zealand. Actually, I only wanted the kowhai because I fell in love with them, but it was a 4 seed packet deal so I got 2 packets of kowhai and 1 each of pohutukawa and manuka. Besides, pohutukawa is really fun to say.

As for the borage, I had to order seeds from New Jersey since people in Southern California seem to have no idea what a miracle plant this is! I mainly use it for tea, and it's really great to plant next to your tomatoes. Keeps bad bugs away, but attracts bees and butterflies- cross pollination increases the sweetness of the tomatoes. Also, making compresses with the leaves is supposed to be really good for arthritis. Of which I have in my foot making dancing difficult sometimes.

I have 200 seeds of borage. I planted one. I have 199 left. My plan is to get some terracotta pots, decorate them up to be AMAZING! Plant a borage plant in each, heap love on them so they grow, and then sell them. TA-DA! 

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  1. somewhere in your neck of the woods is a beach with pohutukawa trees on the edge of the parking lot. i just can't remember exactly where it was.