Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Will there ever be an end?

Job hunting is the pits.

So, still looking for a job, but starting to feel like it's a serious waste of time. Everything is online now, which is great because you can apply for a job in your pj's with your morning coffee. Not so great because sometimes the internet has some serious issues.

Half the time, I'm unable to complete an application because "the system is experiencing technical difficulties" or "there was an unexpected error." It's incredibly frustrating and I'm starting to really feel that I'm the error. Like this is fate's little way of telling me, "no, you don't get a chance at this."

And before you think it, yes I know that it is occasionally possible to go into a place to apply for a job, but here's the thing. I can't. I'm sure there's some huge name for it. I'm sure there's medication I can take for it. But I think it simply comes down to the fact that I've maxed my brain out on risks. And they all keep blowing up in my face. Just the idea of putting myself on the line again makes me cry and wee a little.

It's bad enough putting myself out there for the things I want. Most of the job listings are the pits! Honestly, if there wasn't such a shortage of good jobs, no one would apply for these things. I'm amazed they can even list that sort of thing.

If you're in school, and can handle sick people, go into a nursing course. Seriously, those are 90% of the jobs listed! And take Spanish. Learn Spanish. Talk to people in Spanish. Because, in Southern California at least, they don't even want to hear from you unless you're bilingual.

Bah. Oh well. I guess I'll just keep plugging along. Hopefully, one of the things I do will take fruition and I'll be rich and famous.

Or something like that.

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