Thursday, May 2, 2013

Love the things!

Ok, quick follow up to yesterday's wee adventure.

After we got our "pathetic" refund from George at Furniture and Beyond on Winchester Road in Temecula, CA- the worst shop in America- we headed to Living Spaces. They should rename it Loving Spaces! So pretty! So affordable! So...!!

Steve had actually looked online and found the bedroom set that was perfect for us, so the very nice lady working there had a really easy time selling us stuff.

The thing is, yes it was slightly more expensive. As in $100 more. But it's a solid set of drawers! The bottoms of the drawers are made of wood, not cardboard. And they delivered it to our house, same day, and even put it in the room!! That's service!

And they were all very nice. And didn't say our money was "pathetic." And didn't tell me to "zip it."

So, although the memory of George will fill me with righteous anger for a bit longer, at least there's a happy ending. One that involves gorgeous furniture!

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