Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Will we ever get there?

Today we're going to a friend's house to swim in her gorgeous pool. Honestly, she has the most beautiful house, a gorgeous yard... I'm ever so jealous! And although I'm very grateful to have met her, something I believe will open a number of doors, and even more grateful that she's such a lovely person that she invites us to her house to swim, being there does remind me of just how far away from our dreams we are.

The awful thing is, we were pretty close to those dreams in New Zealand. Or at least, closer than we are now. We had a great house that had studio space. We had friends. We were set up pretty well. Now we're in a scuzzy rental, no studio, no contacts, and several years away from being able to get back on track. It's depressing and frustrating as hell!

Luckily, when you're in a beautiful place with genuinely nice people, the frustration takes a back seat. So, I'll go relax, have fun, and enjoy my afternoon so that when I feel depressed this evening, at least I can do so with a good memory.

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