Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Day of Freedom!

This is my first Independence Day in 6 years. Oddly enough, it's not one of the holiday's I missed whilst overseas, but now that I'm back I'm very excited about it.

Even though we're not really doing much of anything today.

We will, however, be watching the fireworks tonight. With our fried chicken, watermelon, and brownies.

I know that the 4th is to celebrate the birth of our nation, the freedoms we take for granted all too often, and the people that continue to fight for us. Honestly, I can't think of a better way to do that than with a picnic, fireworks, and rock and roll. How American is that? Add in a beer or two, and boy howdy!

America has some issues. Some pretty severe issues, as a matter of fact. We're not perfect. But this is a great country. People make this a great country. We fight with each other like siblings, but, like siblings, we love each other and will support one another no matter what. You don't see it while living here, and it's easy to be distracted by the hatred slung in every direction like a chimp in a bad mood. It's easy to feel alone when there's so much competition to be the best, and anything less than the best isn't worth the time and effort. But in a different country, it doesn't matter if you're from New York, Texas, California, or Wisconsin. American is American, and we come together like brothers and sisters separated for too long.

So next time you feel lost in the maw or like there's no one else around that gives a shit, just fly to New Zealand for a few months and find your tribe.

Happy 4th everyone! Remember, keep your animals safe tonight! It's scary and hurts their ears when those booms start going.

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