Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Ian has a stomach bug. Possibly food poisoning. I suspect it's food poisoning since we all had a touch of it just after eating at KFC this weekend. Blah.

So he's been off school for the last 3 days, and driving me nuts. What is it with boys when they don't feel good? Talk about whingey. And good grief! He is feeling so hard done by! "I'm not going to have Easter, because I'm sick." "I can't have bread, because I'm sick." "I'm only allowed water, because I'm sick." "Mum, come lay on the couch with me, because I'm sick."


Meanwhile, there's about an inch of pine pollen covering everything! I grabbed some allergy pills back when I came down with the plague and was praying it was just allergies, so I'm still taking those. They do take the edge off, so I least I can breathe most of the time. Now I'm thinking we should be looking for a farm with no bloody pine trees around, though!

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