Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I feel like such a failure.

Can't get a job. Can't even get up the motivation to look for a job. The thought of hearing, "No," a thousand times sends me into an anxiety attack.

My goal to unpack 5 boxes a day was thwarted by contracting the plague.

Now that I'm mostly over the plague, my body has decided to shut down. I'm losing control of my muscle functions. This makes it hard to do much of anything really.

It's actually, I suspect, to do with the fact that my calcium levels are dropping. Mainly because I don't have health insurance so I'm relying on the local clinic. But that's not really helping. I have an appointment this afternoon, and hopefully won't die before I get there and once I do get there I then need to convince the doctor to give me a prescription for the medicine I need to stay alive. I thought this had happened last month, but apparently I was wrong.

I'd really appreciate if something could go right for a change.

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