Sunday, February 17, 2013

Snow play in Southern California is weird

Yesterday, we all went to Mount San Jacinto to ride the Aerial Tramway to the top of the mountain. I totally recommend this for all visitors and locals. It's so worth it! And we can't wait to make the trip again in warmer weather.

Because at the moment, the mountain is covered in snow.

Now, here's the thing: I don't like snow. I'm a warm weather creature. Playing in the snow for a few hours, though, secure in the knowledge that soon I will return to my natural climate (ie warmth), is quite enjoyable. Hell, I even slid down a hill on a saucer, not once but twice! Lost a shoe both times, too.

What I find immensely entertaining, though, are the extreme differences in what people wear to visit the snow in So. California. There are some that are dressed ready for a blizzard- thermal underwear, snow boots with furry lining, snow overalls, huge parkas, woolly hats, scarves, gloves- and they're still shivering! Then you have the other ones in shorts, sandals, and a light sweatshirt, sometimes with a baseball cap, sometimes not, and they're acting like it's a day at the beach! We were sort of in the middle- jeans, sweatshirts, I had fingerless gloves on. It was 50degrees F out there. Not the coldest temperature by far!

Still, it was really nice sitting at a patio restaurant in the sun for a late lunch in downtown Palm Springs.

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