Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First World Problems

My internet connection keeps dropping out.  Steve, computer guru extraordinaire, can't figure out why. This means two things: 1) all hope is lost, and 2) it's personal. Cheryl, that's my computers name, is a bitch and occasionally takes such offense to my face that she's like, "Boom! No net for you!"

Now, I completely agree that this is a total first world issue- see post title. There are much bigger issues out there. Hell, there are much bigger issues in my own freakin' head! But I'm a stay at home mom. The internet is my only connection to the outside world. All my friends live in Cheryl! Dammit bitch, GIVE ME BACK MY FRIENDS!

Plus, when I'm trying to harvest my crops and feed my animals and the connection drops out, all the work is lost! It's like a whole day on the farm didn't happen and I have to do it all over again. The goats are hungry, Cheryl!

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