Thursday, June 6, 2013

Positive thinking

In one of the courses I'm currently doing, we talked a bit about thinking positive, positive self-talk, and all things positively positive. It's a real happy feely mentality that is almost completely foreign to my brain. I've tried that positive thought coaching before. It turns into a bit of a bum fuck for me.

If you're unfamiliar with the theory, you've probably been living in a cave for the last 20 years. Basically, when you catch yourself thinking something negative, "I'm a horrible cook," you should instantly force yourself to make it positive, "I made a yummy diner." I struggle with this because my negative thoughts tend to be true. And if I feel positive about something, it takes approximately half a millisecond for someone to tear me down about it. Sometimes without even realizing they're doing it.

Goddess help me, I am a stubborn mule. I'm making huge efforts at this whole positive thinking bullshit once again. I figure, though, that positive self-thinking is a bit advanced for me. I mean, I usually just jump into things head first, sink or swim kind of thing, but I've already failed at this positive self-thought, a lot. So, I'm dialing back a bit. Baby steps, you know?

Positive thinking about others! Finding something good in everyone is easy!

No, it's fucking not.

People are making this whole positive thinking about others more difficult than positive self-thought. I mean, there are some people, most people in fact, in my classes that are perfectly lovely. Being the grammar Nazi I am, only second to Steve's grammar Naziness, I do, in turns, laugh, cry, and cringe over some of the most incredible spelling and grammar mix ups I've ever encountered.

But there are some that I simply cannot find redeeming features in. Quite possibly if we were in a brick and mortar class, there would be something. Really great hair, snazzy dresser, or clean fingernails. Something to detract from phrases like, "I don't really like reading other people's discussion posts. They're boring." Or, "Reading isn't really my thing. I'd rather wait for the movie."

I wish more than anything that I was making those up or at least embellishing. But no. No, I'm not. Not only do people really think that way, but they say it in a classroom setting, and THEY'RE BREEDING! I wouldn't be so upset about it because there is a real need for laborers who, through no fault of anyone, just are....what's the pc term for imbecile these days? The fact is, though, this is a business course. People in the class are here because they want to own a business, or be a high roller in some random company, or at least get that promotion to store manager.

But there are some I wouldn't even trust to wipe my dog's butt.

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