Thursday, June 27, 2013

A step in the right direction

I am thrilled with the recent Supreme Court decision regarding gay marriage. Though I am not gay, I do think that the rights of human beings should be a concern for everyone. When one group tries to deny basic rights to another group based on gender, color, religion, sexual orientation, or any other reason, there is a rift that opens up in our collective energy. I don't think that the Supreme Court's decision to make this sort of discrimination unconstitutional will suddenly make everything better. We have battle scars now, and lines have been drawn quite deep. I am hopeful, however, that this will begin to move our society in a more accepting, forgiving phase of our evolution.

I have to say, though, I still don't really understand why this is still up for debate. I mean, fine, the church says no, but the church isn't supposed to be involved in politics. Doesn't anyone remember, "Separation of church and state"? The only arguments I've heard against gay marriage are based in religion making them completely invalid in this case.

Eh, whatever. Now is not the time to wonder about the apparent insanity of most of our culture. Now is the time to celebrate love, and the fact that the balance is slowly shifting. I'm a little more proud of being human today.

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